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Threading the Authenticity Needle

There is a happy medium between people striving to live erotically authenticity lives, and the needs of a structured, civil society. No one wants to be stifled, yet we also don't want those around us to follow their every whim without considering the consequences.

Suppressing erotic impulses is not healthy. Following our every whim is not good, either. We all need to stay in our lane, to a degree.

It's akin to rules of the road: we're free to drive where we want to, as long as we use our turn signals and stay between the lines. Society creates roads by consensus, and that's a bit like the dark, scary areas we glance at with a side view, that fascinate and titillate: someone has gone there before, made a path, and as more have trodden it, gradually we agree it's a road, aka an accepted norm.

If we need to go off road, down an untrodden path, we need to make sure we're not driving over sensitive areas, or areas where we put ourselves or others in danger.

That's the role of the Erotic Authenticity guide, to scout ahead and point out danger areas, how to get into rare and undiscovered places safely, and not so deep in that you can't get back out again.

There is a car analogy here, yet it also applies to the explorer on foot: trodden paths vs. bushwhacking. I've been to many of these places, and I can show the way and get you back in one piece, back to your comforts, to the people you love, to the structured places that give you safety and security.

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