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Achieving Peak Performance

A person at peak performance runs at their optimum potential in mind, body, and spirit. Operating in this state is to live each day joyfully, confidently, and in a state of full presence. It's living life to its fullest!

Any of the small steps described below, if undertaken consistently and faithfully, compounds over time to make your life better. Incremental changes become habitual. Even improving just 1% a day puts us on the path to achieving peak performance.

Let's break this down, and look at what goes into achieving peak performance.

achieving peak performance

Achieving Vibrancy

Achieving peak performance takes energy! Our goal is not only to make the best use of the energy we have, but to ramp up the source of that energy so we have more to draw on.

What is vibrancy? It's a quality of life that fills you with energy and vigor. Vibrancy stimulates you internally, and empowers you to take action in your life, versus remaining stagnant and stuck.

Vibrancy comes from behaviors that make full use of our physical powers and increase the energy we have to draw on.  It's about being mindful about how we nourish our bodies, how we think, how we breathe and move, and how we recover.

What goes into achieving a state of vibrancy? Read on....

achieving peak performance

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Obstacles to achieving peak performance

Unsurprisingly, achieving peak performance takes effort! Breaking old habits and replacing them with new ones is not easy. With effort, expect about two months for a new practice to become habitual. This is plenty of time for obstacles to intervene:

  • Motivation obstacles: lacking the internal drive to push through to your goal
  • Doubt obstacles: "is this really working?"
  • Comfort and familiarity obstacles: "My old habits might have been unhealthy, but they were comfortable and familiar and I miss them"
  • Priorities obstacles: time dedicated to new practice replaced an old one, and you revert to old practice.

Fortunately, many peak performance practices reward you quickly. For example, by eating or hydrating better, you'll feel better right away. That doesn't mean that replacing old habits with new ones is going to be easy.

Many of these obstacles arise as a result of old, limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.  This is where coaching comes in. I will help you find the low hanging fruit: those practices that benefit the most for the least amount of effort. I will help you identify and clear limiting beliefs that hold you back. You can then decide on specific goals to achieving peak performance, stick to them, and then set the stage for new ones to build on top of those successes.

peak performance

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