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Testimonials for Focused Eye Coaching

"I highly recommend Strider John as a life coach.  He is professional and compassionate.  Through his guidance I was able to work through limiting beliefs, establish a clear path to living a purposeful life and providing the courage to move forward.

I deeply valued the time we spent together and the progress that you have helped me make in my life.  Thank you so much, Strider!"
CW, Arizona, USA

"In 2021, my world turned upside down  - - family job changes, personal work issues, and relocation. I know that during the great resignation, many people had similar challenges, but I also had Strider John Peterson to help me navigate a way back to normal. He's been instrumental in helping me identify my limiting beliefs and then clarify and identify a new a better normal for me. Strider was flexible in creating a plan, and flexible with each and every obstacle that presented itself. Thank you, Strider, for your accepting and kind words, and the many tools to help me navigate back to my new and better self."
AJ, Arizona, USA

I have been working with Strider to address my feelings of self doubt and relationship issues. He has brought a wealth of resources and practical tools to help me set goals, and clarify my values. Our sessions have been productive and make me feel my self-worth is valued. Strider is an uplifting coach, and very easy to communicate with. I highly recommend Strider as a life and career coach.
B.M., Oregon, USA

I've had a fantastic experience working with Strider! We're only half way through the program, but we've already accomplished so much and he's provided a ton of helpful tools. I was feeling lost and uninspired when I first signed up, but Strider has been great at helping me identify and express my challenges and goals. Sometimes it can be tough to put your thoughts and dreams into words, but Strider is skilled at asking the right questions and guiding me through the process of making a plan to move forward and achieve my goals. I appreciate that he acts as a guide rather than a director, giving me the freedom to take what I want from the coaching sessions. The tools I've used with him have all been incredibly useful, and I feel like he really understands my situation and has tailored the program specifically for me. On top of all that, he's just a great guy and easy to work with. I'm excited to see what the next steps will be, and I'd highly recommend anyone interested in personal growth coaching to give Strider a try!
- A.J., California, USA

I highly recommend Strider John and his life coaching business, Focused Eye Coaching. I’ve previously had therapy which was a big help when I struggled with overcoming trauma, but I’ve continued to have trouble doing the things I need to do to improve my life now, regardless of my prior challenges.
Thanks to Strider's guidance, expertise, and support, I've been able to identify my goals and I’ve begun a journey toward a better life. Strider took the time to really listen to me and understand my unique situation, and together we identified my specific needs. Then he provided me with a kit full of tools I can use to do things like helping to overcome my self-limiting beliefs, and to create forward motion toward my goals. Strider's coaching has helped me make significant progress in improving my life. I'm more confident that I can make changes and I’m more motivated than ever before. If you're looking for a life coach who is knowledgeable, thorough, and compassionate, I recommend Strider John Peterson!
- R.C., California, USA


These examples are not typical. Since any type of education has so many variables associated in defining success, it is impossible to accurately state what you may or may not expect to achieve other than a great education. Your success in applying the education you receive is dependent on a variety of factors including the time and effort you put into your studies, your willingness to take action and implement ideas based on what you learn, prevailing market conditions, target market selection, and the amount of hard work and effort you are willing to expend. Consequently, we do not and will not make any guarantee of success, income, or savings whether explicit or implied, and past customer testimonials are only examples of what could be obtained. There are risks associated with your decisions and this education, and past results do not represent any indication of future success or earnings. The typical student should not expect to make any amount of money from the education but should expect to receive a great education. Focused Eye Coaching clients agree to provide true and accurate information about their successes so we don't validate the accuracy of their claims. The written, audio and visual presentations displayed have been edited from their original versions. Some personal and private information has been removed in order to protect client and consultant privacy.

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