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How to think better: Use the Power of Intention

We all have goals in life. These goals possess power, a kind of potential energy. Unfortunately for many of us, we keep them either locked away deep inside of us or fail to feed them with positive energy. They remain dreams or wishes. In time, they atrophy due to starvation or neglect.

Placing intention WITH EMOTION behind our goals is the spark that unleashes the energy stored within them. We do this by flooding our subconscious with positive affirmations, thus feeding our desires so that they become inevitable. This is conscious creation: taking full control of the machinery of personal growth.

how to think better

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How to think better: Taking Responsibility

It's important to understand that everything that happens to us, at a metaphysical level, we have caused to happen. It's easy to accept this about the many good things that arise in our lives, but it's a tough pill to swallow when we consider the less pleasant parts of our personal histories. If we have experienced abuse, neglect, or trauma, the last thing we want to hear is that we were bear responsibility for the bad things that happened to us.

Remember this: responsibility is not the same as culpability. You are not to blame for bad things done to you.  Yet the metaphysics can't be willed away.

Our goal in personal growth is to move from a less empowered state to one of increased freedom and fulfillment. This change in mindset toward taking full responsibility shifts us out of victim mode, and places the power to change our lives back into our own hands, where it belongs.

You alone are responsible for making things right in your life. If not you, then who?

Experience the freedom that comes from taking full responsibility!  Be aware of your role, both conscious and subconscious, in making things happen. This is life changing! 


How to think better: Alignment

The needle in a compass aligns to the earth's poles: north or south, depending on in which side of the equator you live. That needle is directed by an invisible magnetic field that surrounds the planet. This is natural and correct. Similarly, our energies and intentions, when directed uniformly, align us with Higher Power, so that good things flow into our lives without effort on our part.

Sadly, most of us carry limiting beliefs that play out as self-sabotage or counter-intentions. This disrupts our alignment, and leads to a sense of confusion and disorientation, as if our compass needle were spinning randomly rather than pointed to the magnetic pole.

Think of your greater life goals as the magnetic pole you wish to align toward, and you are the needle. Your thoughts are the invisible magnetic force that pushes you into alignment.


How to think better: Taking inspired action

The Universe acts as both a radio transmitter and receiver, sending and receiving an uninterrupted stream of signals both toward us and from us. This is inspiration. When our minds, bodies, and spirits are in alignment, these messages land into our subconscious and direct us to move toward the best version of ourselves. Inspired action is our ideal response to these signals.

Has there been a time in your life when you acted on a hunch or a gut feeling? If so, you were taking inspired action. I wager that following that hunch led you into new, better, or more exciting places.

How does taking inspired action differ from simply acting on impulse? In a word: mindset. In the former case we're responding to mental signals after we've achieved a mindful state of being, often when in meditation. In the latter, the ego is reacting to a new, shiny object or idea that flashes in front of us, and our fast brain responds as if we had no choice.

How to think better: Belief Precedes Creation

A fundamental principle of conscious creation is this: we must act, and think, as if a desired miracle in our lives has already occurred. This is tough for our inner skeptic to accept, but it's true.

When we "envision the dream fulfilled", our minds get to work creating the circumstances that will manifest that dream into material space. This is a fact supported by the laws of quantum physics and neuroscience. On the other hand, if you wait for miracles to occur in the physical realm before believing in them, you have missed an opportunity because you've allowed your mind to continue producing the neurotransmitters that lock you in to your current status quo.

Replace "Seeing is Believing" with a new mantra: "Belief Precedes Creation". It requires a leap of faith, but it will work for you. Countless people before you have pulled this off because they have learned how to think better!

Form a mental picture of the thing you wish to create and of yourself living in it, then inject it with active, positive emotion over and over. KNOW that this is the way we create. Then get out of your own way and allow the Universal Mind to work its miracles for you!

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