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About Me

Strider John Peterson, Personal Growth Coach at Focused Eye Coaching

Hello, I’m Strider John Peterson, and I run Focused Eye, a personal growth coaching company.

I'm called to work with men, helping them to improve their relationships by embodying positive masculinity, and honoring the sacred feminine in themselves and their loved ones.

I help men get unstuck in their relationships, find their strength as supportive men of purpose, so they become the kind of man that women (and other men!) trust and want to be around.

In the course of this work, doors may open into taboo spaces: ethical non-monogamy (polyamory), plant medicine and psychedelics, nature-based spirituality, and BDSM / kink, to name a few. In my experience, unguided entry into these areas can strain or fracture relationships.

I am well versed in the rules and cultural standards that govern right behavior in these areas. If needed, I guide men into these taboo spaces, show them the light on the other side, and bring them home again, to keep them safe during their exploration and to integrate their new experiences into their lives once they've returned.

This allows growth and meaning to develop without upending the foundations of valued partnerships, friendships, and careers.

The reward is an end to self-falsification and the beginning of a more erotically authentic life.

My Credentials

  • Bachelor of Life Sciences, Cornell University
  • Master of Business Administration, Information Technology Management, Western Governors University
  • 25+ years work experience in medical imaging, working in direct patient care, leading teams, supporting research, and mentoring up-and-coming coworkers.
  • A lifetime spent exploring human behavior, personal growth, and the natural world.
  • Wisdom gained by overcoming wounds inflicted upon me when I stepped into my erotic authenticity.
  • Achieve Today Silver Level Certified Coach

My life has been rich in experience and opportunity, with my share of pain and suffering. I am a keen observer of people and relentlessly curious about their motivations. This has driven my life-long quest for understanding about human nature and behavior, from a practical and hands-on perspective.

Books that inspire me:

The works of many fabulous authors inspire my coaching practice:

  • "Mastery" by George Leonard. How some people achieve expertise, and how others fall into traps or backslide from their path. We learn not in a linear fashion, but in rapid leaps followed by plateau periods in which nothing appears to be happening.
  • "Man's Search for Meaning", by Viktor Frankl, psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor who promoted the idea that people who find meaning in life's tribulations can endure untold suffering, and emerge stronger and richer.
  • “Thinking, Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahnemann. His two-brain model proposes that people access two decision systems that may have opposing priorities. Understanding this clarifies why cognitive biases rule decision-making, and why we act less rationally than we think we do.
  • “The Way of the Superior Man” by David Daeda. A no-nonsense statement about how masculine energy creates the conditions for the feminine to thrive, and the importance of cultivating polarity to inspire passion and romance.
  • "The Artist's Way", by Julia Cameron. Methods to bring out and nourish the artist that lies hidden within many people, and to access the great healing power of personal creativity and expression.
  • "You are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter", by Joe Dispenza. Explains how, through the power of our minds, we can create a new and better reality.
  • "Open Her", by Karen Brody. Activating masculine powers to arouse love and desire in women.

Passions and interests that inform my coaching style:

  • Aikido: Japanese martial art, the "art of peace" and a deep well of life lessons.
  • BDSM / Kink: Exploring taboos and power exchange for personal growth within a consent-based container.
  • Plant medicine / psychedelics: medicines for personal growth and transformation, making informed decisions about them in a safe container.
  • Hand Percussion: Drumming as a pathway to a more joyful life.
  • Food and Nutrition: To optimize body, mind, and spirit performance and contentment.
  • Racing sailboats: A thrilling team sport where success hinges on how well we adapt to changing conditions that we don’t control.
  • Renewable energy: Supporting the necessary move away from an oil economy.
  • Personal growth: Tying everything together!

Personal values and motivations:

  • Personal growth never stops. To learn is to live.
  • We humans are a part of the natural world, and when we disconnect from it, we suffer. We regain balance and happiness by reconnecting with nature.
  • Hospitality: Cherishing our moral obligation to grant kindness to guests in our homes and lives.
  • Family: Both “of origin” and “chosen”.
  • Optimism: The belief that people are basically good. We strive through challenges toward goodness in our lives. Positive attitudes enhance enjoyment, satisfaction, and our general health. 
  • My life's purpose is to help men get along better with women, so everyone is happier.

Coaching Tools and Techniques (sample):

  • Clearing Limiting Beliefs: Powerful ingrained messages or imprints we hold about ourselves, encoded at an early age, often paint an inaccurate picture of our abilities. I teach my clients how to recognize limiting beliefs and how to clear them to reduce their power.
  • The Law of Attraction: What we radiate energetically, through our thoughts, actions, and speech, determines what we attract. Because like attracts like, positive thought patterns open us up to receive health, wealth, and abundance. Destructive negative thought patterns have the opposite effect.
  • Taking Personal Responsibility: I ask my clients to take ownership of all things that happens to them, and to recognize that they alone can affect true change in their minds and bodies.
  • Our Conscious vs Subconscious Mind: Understanding the relationship between our “two brains”, and how each one can hold us back or propel us forward is vital to personal development. I teach my clients how to keep the “Conscious Captain” in control, and to not allow old behavior patterns, stored in the subconscious, to govern our thoughts and decisions (see Limiting Beliefs).
  • A Growth Mindset: The acceptance as fact that we can and should grow and learn in our lives, and that growth is possible for everyone, no matter their circumstances. With my clients, I zero in quickly on talk that assumes the opposite. My clients work hard to eliminate such talk and replace it with growth-affirming language.
  • Know What You Want: I push my clients to articulate what they truly desire in life, then to write goals in alignment with those desires.
  • Our Thought Patterns: To make room for great things to enter our lives, we must first starve our negative thoughts and feed our positive thoughts. I introduce the latest scientific knowledge of how positive thought patterns lead to the production of feel-good neurochemicals and feed an upward spiral of ever-improving emotions.
  • Vibrancy: Because personal growth takes tremendous energy, I coach how to optimize our physical energy through improved nutrition, sleep, and exercise.
  • Journaling: Because there is power in writing down our thoughts, I encourage my clients to commit to journaling as a rewarding discipline.
  • Meditation for personal growth: Over the centuries, people have used meditation to quiet the mind and tame mental chatter. In our busy, noisy, hectic modern world, we need to nurture this place of calmness more than ever. For all good reasons, I ask my clients to commit to a practice of regular meditation.

Testimonials for Focused Eye Coaching:

“I highly recommend Strider John as a life coach.  He is professional and compassionate.  Through his guidance I was able to work through limiting beliefs, establish a clear path to living a purposeful life and providing the courage to move forward.
I deeply value the time we spent together and the progress that he has helped me make in my life.  Thank you so much!”
CW, Arizona, USA

I have been working with Strider to address my feelings of self doubt and relationship issues. He has brought a wealth of resources and practical tools to help me set goals, and clarify my values. Our sessions have been productive and make me feel my self-worth is valued. Strider is an uplifting coach, and very easy to communicate with. I highly recommend Strider as a life and relationship coach.
BM, Oregon, USA

"In 2021, my world turned upside down  - - family job changes, personal work issues, and relocation. I know that during the great resignation, many people had similar challenges, but I also had Strider John Peterson to help me navigate a way back to normal. Strider was instrumental in helping me identify my limiting beliefs and then clarify and identify a new and better normal for me. He was flexible in creating a plan, and flexible with each and every obstacle that presented itself. Thank you, Strider John, for your accepting and kind words, and the many tools to help me navigate back to my new and better self."
AJ, Arizona, USA

"I cannot express enough how fun and interesting my experience with Strider has been. As I reflect on my sessions over the past half year with him, I am filled with gratitude for the impact he has had on my personal growth journey.

During our sessions, Strider would help me draw conclusions about my life circumstances that resonated with me but also ignited sparks of self-empowerment. It reminded me that, despite the challenges I may face, I have the ability to overcome and THRIVE. He has a great ability to ask the perfect questions and easily navigate the conversation whichever direction we both feel it needs to go.

Emotional growth was a key area for development, and Strider consistently emphasized the importance of practices such as meditation and journaling. These invaluable tools, among many others he’s shared, have become important parts of my daily routine, providing me with a strengthening sense of clarity and inner peace.

I appreciated his encouragement to embrace wider perspectives. He asked the question: "Who takes care of the caretakers?" This was a powerful reminder of the significance of self-care and more importantly, it was the permission slip I needed to prioritize my own well-being amidst life's demands.

Throughout our sessions, Strider has helped me chip away from old patterns and habits. He skillfully guided me in slowing down the relentless hamster wheel of my mind and reconnecting with the part of me that makes wise decisions. With improved awareness techniques, I have reinforced my resilience and the ability to navigate through various challenges with grace and composure.

Last but not least, working with Strider has been a fun journey of self-discovery and personal growth. His compassionate and insightful guidance has equipped me with an expanded toolkit for resilience and empowered decision-making. I am eternally grateful for his expertise, unwavering support, and genuine commitment to my growth.

I wholeheartedly encourage anyone seeking transformative change to embark on their own journey with Strider John Peterson."
-AJ, California, USA

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