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What is the Law of Attraction?

It's been known throughout history that we can control our minds and the thoughts they generate. By directing our thoughts, we can create order from chaos. If we fail to do so, our thoughts run wild, and our emotions dominate.

But it's not just mystics and sages who understand this. In modern times, evidence from the fields of quantum physics and neuroscience confirms that the energetic level of our thoughts influences what comes into our lives, and that like energy attracts like energy.

We call this the "Law of Attraction", and it's at the heart of much that we do in the area of personal growth and personal development. Putting this law to good use is fundamental to personal growth.

law of attraction

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Like Attracts Like

Physics tells us that similar energy patterns tend to group together. This is seen at both the quantum (sub-atomic) level and in the observable world.

Research has also shown that emotions affect the production of neurotransmitters in our brains. This chemical soup makes us feel either good or bad depending on the flavor of the original emotion.

All life is energy. Our bodies and minds vibrate at a frequency that reflects our emotional state. This is a measurable phenomenon. Through these measurements we know that positive emotions have a higher vibrational frequency (i.e., greater energy) than negative ones.

How do we use the Law of Attraction in our favor?

The law of attraction is not some wild niche idea. Nor is it available only to those with secret, mystic knowledge. Rather, it is a tool with great utility and relevance in today's world. It works in our favor when our intentions, thoughts, and actions are in alignment.

Let's say, for example, that you've been struggling with debt and making ends meet, and it's become a major worry. With the law of attraction as your guide, you work to replace the fear of financial ruin with one of trust in an abundant universe. This mindset allows you to approach the challenge with clarity, and to take action toward solving the problem.

That action could include setting goals to follow a budget, setting aside funds for debt repayment, or seeking ways to increase your income with a better job. You take deliberate action toward your goal not just by working smarter, but by giving power to your intentions with positive emotion. As you see progress, your confidence increases, and you find yourself riding a positive feedback loop. By concentrating on your positive efforts, you create fertile ground for growth.

Note that intention (getting out of debt) must be followed by action (budgeting, paying down debt, etc.) seasoned with emotion (gratitude for the things you already have, and optimism about your progress) for the law of attraction to work.

The hard part is getting over skepticism and lifting the anchor of limiting beliefs. As your personal growth coach, I can help you get over the hurdle, and keep you on track so you can create your own miracles!

law of attraction

Taking Responsibility

Notice that everything we know about the law of attraction places the power squarely into our hands and minds. We must therefore take full responsibility for everything that happens to us. This can be hard to accept!

Once we do, though, we tap in to a source of great personal power that we can put to use to catalyze positive changes in our lives. We're now no longer at the mercy of some predetermined fate or forced to live by someone else's agenda. We become creators of our own destiny!

Five steps of creation

The law of attraction is clear: Mindset alone is not enough to manifest good things in our lives. Instead, we must couple our positive thoughts to concerted action. Otherwise we're just wishing for growth in our lives rather than giving it fuel.

We need to get clear about what we want to attract into our lives AND what we don't. We can then focus our energy on what we desire while we starve that which we don't want of energy.

It's a five-step process:

  • Know what you don't want
  • Know what you want
  • Starve what you don't want
  • Feed what you do want
  • Step back, let go, and allow results to happen
magnetic attraction

The Law of Attraction and Money

Most of us want the same things when it comes to money:  more of it, and fewer worries about it! It's important therefore to focus on abundance and the great things that money can do for us. We must also find a way to take our thoughts away from debt and other money concerns. Dwelling on the negative misdirects energy and power, precisely the opposite of what we want to happen. Instead, we must cultivate an uplifting attitude toward money.

Now that doesn't mean we can lie on our couch all day with a new money attitude and expect cash to rain from the sky! Intention without directed action is wishing, not creating.

The Law of Attraction and your Health

Disclaimer: I don't give medical advice because I'm not qualified to do so. None of what follows substitutes for the advice of trained medical professionals!

Let's stop and appreciate the incredible things that our bodies do for us. Millions upon millions of processes happen automatically: circulation, respiration, digestion, etc, every second of our lives, from cradle to grave. Doesn't that deserve our gratitude?

Chronic conditions can dominate our thoughts as well as our bodies. In time, a person can become identified with their diagnosis, and then guess what? That's where their energy goes. They've taken their minds away from the great things their bodies do for them and instead placed their focus precisely on what they don't want.

The word "condition" is a common substitute for "chronic illness". Is it possible that this word can change our attitude toward our illness, and make it a part of who we are?

Repetition creates conditioning. Once "conditioned" this way, the illness takes up residence in our minds as well as our bodies. We become victims rather than creators of our own good health.

We attract good health into our minds, bodies and spirits by learning to visualize good health and by shifting our thoughts toward health and healing. A positive attitude promotes healing and puts medical conditions into their proper perspective.

This does not substitute for recommended treatment from a licensed healthcare professional. Rather, it augments it! A positive attitude promotes healing and puts medical conditions into their proper perspective.

surf breaks over rocks

The Law of Attraction and your Relationships

Most of us desire two things in our relationships: better relations with those we already know, and to attract new people who excite us, inspire us, and enrich our lives. It's important to be clear about what, or who, we want and don't want in our lives. We can then engage our powerful minds and direct our thoughts toward starving the negative and feeding the positive.

Why do some people attract people into their lives that bring them more heartache than happiness? Much of this comes from a limiting belief that they are not worthy of the mutual love and respect that's essential to an uplifting relationship. This belief creates a destructive self-sabotage feedback loop. Instead of drawing in the well-adjusted, they attract people who are not good for them!

The law of attraction states that like attracts like. If we radiate gloomy energies than that's the sort of person we draw towards us. We may even be aware that they are bad for us, but we can't stop it.

On the other hand, a joyful spirit tends to attract similar people. Which do you choose?

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