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Coaching Programs with Strider John Peterson

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CORE COACHING PROGRAM (approx. 3 months):

In this core program of approximately three months duration, you’ll implement tools and techniques to rescue yourself from thought patterns that alienate you from your loved ones and your authentic self, so that you can find peace within, craft better relationships, and be less bothered by life’s tribulations.

We’ll also undertake a no-nonsense review of your nutrition, exercise, and sleep habits. You’ll be supported in making effective changes to increase your overall health, so that you have the stamina and energy to catalyze positive change in yourself.

Our goal will be to reactivate the parts of your life that once brought you joy, so that you can be an inspiration to others and gain the satisfaction of a life well lived.

Program Details:

  • You get a 90-minute introductory coaching call to establish a road map for your growth and progress.
  • You get two 60-minute coaching calls per month so that you’re supported in your growth while giving the lessons room to live and breathe in your body, mind, and spirit.
  • You get email / text message support with Strider John in between the live sessions.

Program Bonuses with Partner Healing Artists:

  • A 90-minute breathwork sessions, to learn techniques that optimize your energy and vitality ($200 value).
  • A Tarot divination readings, to gain insights into the nature of your life’s journey ($200 value).

Program Investment:

  • $2000 down payment, includes the first month. Refundable less 15% admin fee within 30 days of signing our coaching contract. 
  • Monthly fee $300 - $600 (sliding scale) thereafter.
  • Prepay to save 10%!
  • Most clients see results within the first few weeks. Optimum results are found after about six months. Every coaching relationship is unique, so how long we work together depends on you and your individual situation.

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Do you struggle to connect with the important women in your life? Because of this disconnect, perhaps you find yourself on the brink of estrangement, separation, or divorce. Maybe you’ve been unable to attract a suitable partner, or to keep her close once you’ve met her.

In this supplemental program, you will learn about masculine and feminine energies and how they interact inside of us as individuals, and within male / female partnerships.

You'll unlock the tremendous growth power these energies contain, in harmony with your true nature.

You will learn the fundamental qualities of erotic masculine and feminine energies and how they interact in empowered, fulfilling, thriving relationships, so that you can harness the full power of that collaboration.

You will learn to embody the qualities that women truly want, desire, and need from the men in their lives, so that you can support them with confidence and integrity in harmony with your sacred masculine essence.

Program Investment:

  • Completion of three-month Core Program + $300 - 600 per month
  • Prepay to save 10%!

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Book your no obligation Discovery Call here for more information