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Coaching Programs with Strider John Peterson
(for men and women)

psilocybin mushrooms


A two-to-three-month guided, trauma-informed, psychedelic integration program that follows a time-honored Wheel of Practice within a reverential container.

This path is designed for practitioners with little or no experience who wish to explore the promise of plant- or fungal-based psychedelic medicines for personal growth and transformation.

Guiding my clients through psychedelic journeys is sacred work to me!

Should you choose to work with me directly, my goal will be to ensure you have a safe and meaningful experience with your chosen sacrament, to minimize difficulties in all phases of your journey, and to honor the trust you have placed in me.

fractal wheel of practiceFractal Wheel of Practice for Psychedelic Integration and Facilitation

Program Investment:

Due to the variability of individual needs, desires, and expectations, your investment will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

We'll consider the following:

  • In-person or remote sessions
  • Type of medicine / sacrament used
  • Path of practice: microdosing vs. macrodosing, or hybrid

Please reach out me to set up a no-obligation Discovery Call to find out if we are a good match for working together.

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"The presence of a knowledgeable guide greatly facilitates the probability of reaching, recalling and integrating expanded levels of consciousness" - James Fadiman