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Focused Eye News, Issue #001 -- The Premiere Issue!
June 07, 2022

June 2022 Focused Eye News!

Here's what's happening!

Quotation of the Month:

“If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.” - attributed to Lao Tzu.

New pages at

journaling.html : A daily journaling practice declutters our thoughts and opens us up to inspiration. Here's how to make a personal growth journal a part of your routine!
personal-mssion-statement.html : Organizations write mission and vision statements to keep them on track. Personal mission statements keep individuals on track to their life goals. Here's how!
meditation-for-personal-growth.html : Meditation for personal growth is the bedrock on which all of our personal growth rests. A host of benefits arise from this improved state of mind.
equanimity.html : In a state of equanimity we feel but do not necessarily react to feelings and emotions that well up inside of us in response to outside events.

What's new at Focused Eye Coaching

Every coaching business needs to find a niche from which they develop their unique value proposition. I'm currently directing energy toward coaching divorced parents. Why?

1. Because I can relate to them due to shared experience.

2. Because ending a marriage does not mean the end of good parenting! On the contrary, it becomes more important (and complicated) than ever, and coaching can help parents stay focused on their biggest responsibility.

3. Because separation and divorce can leave a person mired in feelings of regret, rejection, and blame. Coaching can help turn those negative thoughts around, and direct them toward the future and the opportunities it offers.

While I develop this niche I will continue to coach any person who feels they can benefit from my services. I'll also keep writing content for the website, and working social media to increase engagement and recognition.


On my reading list this month:

"Collywobbles: How to Negotiate When Negotiating Makes You Nervous" by my good friend Moshe Cohen. Taming the fear that wells up when we're faced with negotiations large and small. Moshe talks us off the ledge, in his humorous way, so that we can stand up for ourselves, get better deals, and add to our confidence for the next, inevitable negotiation we're faced with.

"Electrify: an Optimists Playbook for our Clean Energy Future", by Saul Griffith. A compelling argument that we need to stop burning fossil fuels NOW, and replace them with machines that run on electricity, for the health of our species, our planet, and the lifeforms with which we share it. The all-electric future he envisions is one of comforts and prosperity. Quick takeaway: your next car MUST be all-electric!

Thanks for reading! Comments are much appreciated!

-John Carrington Peterson, June 2022

About Focused Eye Coaching

Focused Eye provides personal growth coaching services. I write about personal growth topics to catalyze conversations, so we can learn from each other and grow in meaningful ways. Happiness and contentment are contagious, and I intend to fan those flames for as long as I am able!

Please send feedback so I can address your interests on the website and in future editions. Let me know what you like, what I can improve, and what stinks. It's the only way I get better!

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